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Hi, I'm Alison

We face many challenges in life that test us, strengthen us, and change us as individuals. Sometimes navigating these challenges requires additional support. As a psychotherapist, I strive to create a trusting and empathetic relationship with my clients. I want to understand my client as a whole person and not just address a symptom or problem.


​I believe the counseling relationship is the most important aspect of therapy. It is my goal in counseling to develop an authentic relationship with you so that in collaboration we can facilitate your mindful awareness and identify emotional and behavioral changes that will enhance your life for the better. Ultimately, I want to empower each client to fully live the life they choose.


Reaching out to seek counseling can elicit all kinds of emotions. You might feel overwhelmed and scared, anxious and unsure, or empowered and curious. I applaud you for wanting to take the next step toward positive change in your life. Know that wherever you are in the process, I will be here to support you in the joy, the sorrow, and all the emotions in between.

"Owning your story, and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing we'll ever do."

Brene Brown


My Story

There have been many roads that have led me to where I am today

and there have been many past versions of me.  My choices are based off of my experiences, values, and beliefs.  In therapy, I want to empower my client's to make sound decisions based on their own value system.  As a therapist, I don't hold all the answers, but I am able to help guide you through the process of uncovering your own truth and what works best for you.  I believe individuals have the power to grow and change, to choose what defines them, and to create an authentic life that is true to one's own values and goals.


I have called Charlotte, NC home since 2015.  I am a lover of music, nature, art, and traveling.  Outside the therapy room, you will often find me with a book in hand, writing, or creating.

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Phone:         704-594-8224

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