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Grow Your Mind & Your Relationships

I specialize in helping individuals struggling in their relationships, whether it be from anxiety, codependency, past trauma, or communication...

Let's work together to transform overwhelm into empowerment.

How Can I Help?


You Want to Learn Healthier Coping Strategies to Manage Anxiety and Stop

Avoiding Your Fears


You Want to Learn More About Your Attachment Style and How It Impacts Relationships

Emotion Regulation

You want to Improve Your Emotional Awareness & Better Manage Emotions by Being More Assertive and Less Passive

Childhood Trauma

You Want to Heal Past

Emotional Wounds 

Self- Esteem

You Want to Build  Confidence to Create The Life You Desire and Stay True to Your

Authentic Self.


You Want to Understand What's Not Working and Build Healthier Relationship Patterns




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